Proposed Railway Station in Bergamo, Italy

Sustainability in modern buildings can be achieved using many techniques. With the advanced building information modelling and analysis software, we can determine the best building orientation, form, materials for construction and construction methods to achieve a highly sustainable and cost-effective solution. This shows some of the many advanced methods that we use for building analysis.

  1. A shadow study is done to determine how the surrounding buildings cast shadows on the railway station. The images show data of the shadows cast taken at 8 am, 12 noon and 6 pm on the 21st of March and 23rd of September which are the Summer and Winter equinoxes respectively, as well as on 21st June which is the longest day and 21st December which is the shortest.
  2. The Sun-path diagram is used to determine how exactly the sun affects the building annually or even on a daily basis. Using this we can effectively determine the type of building envelope, the kinds of shading devices, size of openings, shadows cast by the building etc in order to optimise the overall design.
  3. The 3rd set of graphics show a study of the daylight lighting levels at different heights within the building. This is done to analyse how much artificial lighting is required and to study whether the required natural lighting levels will be sufficient to carry out the tasks that are to be carried out in that particular area.