Residence for Mr Rajesh C R at Konthuruthy, Cochin


The owners wished to demolish the old house that stood on this property and construct a new, contemporary styled abode with modern amenities. The composition of the whole house renders itself to a dialogue between its horizontal and vertical planes. The facade with large glass windows, generate the transparency of the house where visual and physical connections are established to the surrounding features of the site. A passive cooling system by providing fixed louvers in all fenestrations as a design feature for hot air to rise and escape out has also been incorporated. This along with spaces that have large openings on one side and smaller openings on the other so as to create a difference in pressure of air as per the Bernoulli’s Principle and therefore an induced movement or air circulation within. A simple palette of materials and finishes, along with precision in detailing, create the light sensibility of the structure. In an area with most of the land being reclaimed, this structure used part of the foot print of the earlier structure and thus greatly reduced the cost of the foundation. The owners have been very active in the process of the construction of this home since its inception and interaction with them as well as their first hand interaction with the workers at the site have had a major impact in keeping the quality of construction good as well as cost effective.

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