Residence for Mr and Mrs Alapatt at Coonoor, Tamil Nadu


Conceived as a holiday home in an ecologically sensitive area in the Nilgiri hills, the idea from the very beginning was to design the house along the contours of the natural slope of the site with minimal excavation. Given the various statutory restrictions imposed, the foot print of the building was to be kept to a minimum. The initial proposal included a deck to the North East of the house with a view of the valley below. While the house was initially conceived as a contemporary chalet, the owners insisted that they preferred the house to be more in keeping with the local vernacular style, with terracotta tiles on the roof. The upper level of the house is the family living area and has French windows on all sides for the view. As a result of the natural slope of the site, one can enter at the lower level or at the upper level from the outside of the house. This was also done so that the elderly parents of the owners could get out of the car from the driveway and get out at the upper level instead of climbing the stairs. Construction of this project is currently underway.

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