Interior Design

Residential Interiors of Mr & Mrs Vinci Thomas

The terracotta colour of the exposed brick interior finish of the walls of the house in combination with the greenish grey hue of the polished kota stone flooring provide a naturally earthy background for the interior of this house. This is interspersed by splashes of unpolished bronze and copper hues, in the form of door handles or vases etc. Most of the eclectic selection of antique furniture is of varying types and colours of wood, in continuation with the earthy theme. Bamboo roller blinds have been used rather than curtains. The unique selection of paintings and sculptures also adds to the charm of the interior. The bathrooms also have antique cabinets that quite unique. A large brass cooking utensil that is typical to Kerala holds a terracotta sculpture and is a feature in the living room. The uniformly earthy theme is translated throughout the house and plays a vital role in creating a homely and cozy atmosphere.

Corporate interiors for India Techs Outlets


Interiors of each of the outlets followed Corporate Identity norms to achieve standardisation and brand recognition. All the outlets were required to have a parts store, a customer waiting area at the reception, meeting room and workspaces for the staff. All the outlets are spacious and have plenty of natural lighting and ventilation.

Other Projects