Proposed Residence for Mr & Mrs Tharakan at Panavalli, Cochin


This residence was conceived as a retirement get away from the city, to a tranquil, rural setting. The large plot was meant to be used to build a small house for two and guests who would visit, while the rest of the un-built space was to be used for organic farming. The idea of incorporating the pond into the design was so that it could be used by their grandchildren and other kids to swim in. The owner had envisioned a layout for the house which was similar to the house she had grown up in, which was in the form of an “H”. Our design sought to spread the house by staggering the “H” so that all the bedrooms get a view of either the pond or the grove of cashew nut trees and also create a space for a covered car parking. However, as only an initial proposal, a lot of the details are yet to be worked out.