Proposed Showroom cum Workshop for India Techs at South Vazhakulam

The clients who are an established dealer of construction equipment already had an existing facility which was located along the Aluva – Munnar highway. The existing facility was on 45.01 cents of land and was being used since 1999. In order to meet with the present day requirement, Urban Mosaic Design Studio was approached in order to come up with a solution to increase the capacity without having to acquire additional land. The answer was conceptualised in the form of a multi-storeyed facility that allowed service to be done at the ground floor level. The sales of spare parts to customers were facilitated at the ground floor for walk-in customers. The parts store would also feed the requirements on the workshop floor. The office and customer waiting areas are located on the first floor along with a viewing gallery for customers to watch their machines being serviced at the lower level. The second-floor level was to be used for the parking of already serviced machines and new machines that are to be taken delivery of, by customers. It also serves the additional purpose of a machine display. The unique lift mechanism was also located in front as an additional attraction. A detailed study of the functioning of the existing facility and the business done here, along with interactions with the users was required to arrive at a unique design solution that would help the clients achieve long term benefits.

Showroom cum Workshop for India Techs at Aluva   

The clients who are an established dealer of construction equipment once again approached us for a showroom cum workshop to be designed and erected within a short time and within a relatively tight budget. While Urban Mosaic Design Studio had previous experience with the layout required for this kind of facility, we looked to collaborate with JLP Architects for their technical knowledge and project execution expertise for this scale of a project. PEB’s and Steel Construction were considered as options for quick erection. Also, the facility was being constructed on leased land so dismantling and re-assembling the same structure at a different site was also considered. However, after evaluation, due to the high initial costs required for a PEB or Steel structure, it was decided to go ahead with a Concrete Frame structure. However, in order to stick to the schedule, Urban Mosaic Design Studio suggested using a unique sandwich panel comprising of two 5mm thickness fibre reinforced cement sheet which does not contain asbestos, enclosing a lightweight core of Portland cement and binders and a mix of density modifiers aggregate. This panel was used as the infill instead of brick and cement mortar for the quicker erection of the superstructure. The project is currently under construction.