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Welcome to Urban Mosaic Design Studio! We are a firm based out Kochi, Kerala. We undertake all kinds of planning and design projects no matter what the scale! From standalone products, to buildings, to entire cities, we’re confident that we can deliver the best possible design solution or planning strategy. In close collaboration with various institutions and experts in numerous fields, we constantly strive to improve by means of technology, innovation and hard work.

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We live in a world that is rapidly becoming urban. As inhabitants of these urban realms, we find ourselves constantly trying to shape and reshape every element within these realms. From the tea cup that starts our day and the spaces we inhabit, to our cities and beyond, we believe that every element of the urban mosaic and the mosaic in its entirety are what define us. Therefore we are what we surround ourselves with. Urban Mosaic Design Studio helps define those surroundings!


The underlying concept for our firm’s logo describes our philosophy as one that is focussed more on the environment and sustainability, while trying to seamlessly blend our buildings into the mosaic that is our urban landscape.

From a cozy home and functional workspaces, to the cities we live in, we are at our best when we are in sync with our surrounding spaces. We believe in 6 simple mantras that will transform any given space into a transcendent experience.

Clarity in concept & style

A clear understanding of the design requirements, is key in achieving a great design solution.

Inclusive & sustainable design

A design solution needs to be a combination of many solutions and has to adapt to change in order for it to achieve longevity.

Sensitivity to the environment

In today’s world, ecologically responsible design solutions are a necessity.

A sense of familiarity and belonging

The design process has to take this into account in order to arrive at a successful solution.

Innovation through technology

With the latest software and construction technology we can deliver the most sophisticated design solutions of the highest quality.

Longstanding relationships through collaboration

In forming longstanding partnerships with clients as well as with the various experts in every field, we envisage a bright future for all of us.

Architectural Services

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Interior Design

Interior Design

The elegance and appeal of the interiors is a reflection of its use and more often than not, results in an overall increase of productivity if it’s a commercial space and also better functionality and livability if it is a residence. Across all types of structures, from commercial to institutional and office spaces to homes, it is the interiors that play a key role in the spatial functionality of the structure. Good and efficient furniture and storage solutions makes up for small interior spaces, while a creative lighting design gives character and purpose to different parts of the structure. Our work reflects our philosophy and your ideologies.



We recognize the importance of integrating the outdoors with the indoor environment of the building. Landscape designing at Urban Mosaic involves careful consideration of the need and ideology behind the intended use of the outdoors. With current knowledge on landscape material technology and latest innovations in the field, we design large to intimate spaces to best fit the mosaic that defines the site. From Site Planning to design development, we do it all.

Urban Design

Urban Design

We may not see it, but what most defines ones experience of travel within a city are the many elements that integrate nature, convenience and character into the dense living environment of the city. With experience in contributing to designing cityscapes including transit stations in cities such as Barcelona, the Urban Mosaic team is well equipped to take urban design in our cities to the next level.



Good Architecture makes for Landmarks! We believe that a creation is meant to be timeless. Timeless, with the potential to stay the same and yet be part of the change. We incorporate that philosophy of ours in each of our designs. Our Architectural portfolio includes Residential, Commercial, and Institutional structures that reflect our ideals on not only pleasing the eyes, but also prioritizing functionality strengthened by environmentally sensitive designs.

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